Cargo short season has begun

Pair with crocs and a sick turtleneck = zned

I live in Florida it’s ALWAYS cargo short season.

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they should just make cargo boxers and simplify things.

I love dumb takes like this. Sure, wear pants in the 80’s or warmer and sweat my balls off under guise of being a man. Lol.

I love me some cargo shorts. Best worn with grunt T shirt and some red wing steel toe ankle boots.

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Sounds like you care a little too much what people think of your attire. I’ll rock the cargo shorts all summer without a care in the world, and ill be much more comfortable than you.

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Was high 60’s here in Albertistan today…

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You’re free to dress like a People of Walmart beta male.
I’m just giving you a heads up so you don’t get out-alpha’d by your wife’s ex when you hand off the stepson in the QT parking lot this Sunday, all because he’s wearing pants like an adult.

They never left, bro. They just continued.

oh , I forgot, a fill sized 1911 .45 in cargo pocket with top slide laying flat down across length of the bottom of the cargo pocket. no printing.

Look at this dweeb.

I loved cargo shorts until they started making them tapered.

Fucking skinny jean fad killed cargo shorts.

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Lol. Its little running shorts and man bag season for the dudes that get pussy tho.

The best thing about cargo shorts is how mad some folks get at cargo shorts.

The second best thing is their ability to be used as a beer holder when necessary.

Jorts Floyd.



Eh. Some people get swass. Nothing worse than having an ass sweat stain.
It’s up there with after finishing inside a woman and she has to do the swish walk to the bathroom.

What do cargo shorts have to do with either of those things?

This guy for sure skips leg day.

You wear light colored cargo shorts. That swass it’s gonna show up on your cargos faster than Gabi Garcia at a Brazilian buffet.