Cariaso vs. Mizugaki!??!?!?

the fuck? 

^ Phone Post

The curse is true. Phone Post

Unbelievable Phone Post

maybe there was a mistake? 

unbelievable. Very,very bad decision

Disgusted Phone Post


 I am in shock.  Embarrassing decision...

maybe the judges took a nap

I thought if anything, because they were in Japan, no foreigners would win a razor close fight. man i was wrong... 

What just happened? Phone Post

Wow. Bad call. Phone Post

maybe the worst judges decision ever? 

sure cariaso was active but...he didnt even land as much..

not a bad decision. Good change as long as this becomes the norm. Give the fight to the more active fighter. The only reason this seemed like a robbery is because we have been accustomed to believing that the guy on top is automatically winning the fight.


Is it me or did Mizugaki just get screwed by the judges!?


dumb does not even begin to explain that

I had a feeling Joe was holding back his true feelings on it too

MMAJunkie says that referees Howard Hughes, Chris Lee and Chris Watts all gave Mizugaki R1 and Cariaso R2 and R3.

When they said 29-28 I immediately asked my friend which round Mizugaki could have lost... When they said Cariaso I died inside a little.

Terrible call -- not Mizugaki's most exciting fight ever, but that was a clear win.

That was a bizarre decision.

Cariaso was definitely landing on the feet, but the disparity wasn't enough to cancel out Miz' top control. Phone Post