CarlaoBarreto- A.Emelianenko in M1

According to ADCC news, BTT black belt Carlos Barreto is likely to face Alexander Emelianenko in Russia next month. What do you guys think of this fight? Carlao is one of my favorite fighters, but I'll have to go with Alexander via TKO.

Doesn't M-1 rules have time-limits on the floor?

Definately Aleksander if thats the case.

Carlao is my friend and it doesn't matter if it is a stand up fight. Barreto will kick little Fedor's ass!!!

well, barreto definately has the experience edge

I haven't really seen enough of alexander to know what he can really do

aleksander by beat down

This one should be interesting. I'd love to see Carlao get a big win. He was hyped up as the HW BJJ star for the MMA game up until his UFC fight.

good matchup. barreto is no slouch and aleks really hasn't been all that impressive.

i'll take barreto by decision.

Having only heard the hype and then seeing him in the Cro Cop fight I think the old veteran Barreto will beat him. Maybe he will do better in M-1 but Baretto has the tools to beat him barring any b.s. or help from the refs.

A. Emelianenko will win.

"Doesn't M-1 rules have time-limits on the floor?"

The (very few) M-1 fights that I've seen at least didn't have any cases of ref standing the fighters up. So I'd guess there's no time-limit on the ground.

Barreto has trained a lot of muay thai and even had a K1 fight, but I'd still go with Alexander by strikes.

good matchup ill take Barreto