Carlinhos pic/gif

 I am trying to find the gif/pic of Carlos Gracie Jr, the one where hes sitting down and the dollar signs/money have been photoshopped into his clothes and background....its for a guy who trains at GB I told him about it and I can't find it a brotha out if you have it or have a link to mat battle pls...I'm at work



I like the one last year a blue namer posted of two rooms with wall to wall stacks of money (like seized-from-a-cartel kind of money) that read something like: "Carlos Jr.'s hotel room after the Pan-Ams".

 yes it was just like that....that one will work as well....whatever you guys have post em...

 I'm guessing you mean this gif...

Lol Phone Post

where's that one pic of carlinhos flexing his tazmanian devil tattoo?

 YES thank you sir taps!

HAhahaha Phone Post

Laugh all we want but that guy is probably making more money than anyone in BJJ. Phone Post