CARLO PRATER WINS!!! Prater defeats Thomas Schulte by a dominant unanimous decision and even landed an imitation flying black pantherman knee that hurt Schulte BAD!!!


that is a big win for Carlo!! I am going to have to get him on a ROF soon before the A leagues snatch him up!!

any other results?

Lee King got choked and Carlos Condit choked out Randy Hauer. Unspecified times and unspecified chokes.

Next up is Carlo Prater defending his FFC title against the very tough Keith Wisniewski on December 10.

some people dont follow the fight game.

Haven't seen Prater fight but I did see KW fight MFS's Jason Black to a decision a few weeks back.

Wisniewski is one tuff mofo.

The Prater vs Wisniewski fight will be a fight of the year candidate for sure, I am so happy to be going LIVE!!!

Hey when and where is this event going to be?

carlo has the skills to pay the bills

its in the ffc on dec. 10th. (biloxi,miss)

Im glad i get another chance to see Prater fight... the man is a good fighter, and a humble and nice person out of the ring

Carlo is awesome!!!

I disagree with you on ALL 3!!!

Live and alive are 2 different things buddy.

I agree with you on the first 2 chris, but not the 3rd! I could probably beat Krull! But I guess we'll never know, cause no one can get him to show!

I was there live and Carlo Prater is a STUD. As much as I hate to say it he dominated Shulte bigtime. Carlo is a badass fighter and seems like a real cool guy. Great sportsmanship. He da man!!!

Congrats to Carlo, great fighter and a very cool guy. I think he and I will put on an exciting and competitive fight on the 10th.

LOL! Joker crying would be worth it! When's he gonna learn? He was wrong about Neer vs Gardner and he's wrong about this. Plus I'm a huge Wisniewski fan now after seeing him fight Jason Black, which he should've won by the way!

Do you think Josh would be pissed if I drove to Mississippi to see Keith fight, but I didnt to see him kick Macias's ass?!

ACTUALLY, I was wrong about Neer-Gardner yes....
BUT, I was VERY right about the following fights and Prater wasn't given much of a shot:

Prater vs Guillard
Prater vs Fisher
Soon to be Prater vs Wisniewski.