Carlos Beltran = $$$$

With only a few weeks to go until Carlos enters the free agency pool, could he have picked a better time to get hot?

I wonder where he will sign? There must be a team out there that collects 5 tool players with money being no object. Add in the fact that he has excelled in these high pressure playoff games and surely some owner will make sure he adds this player to his 'collection'. It sure doesn't hurt that he seems to be a team player that does not need to be the center of attention either.

If only I knew where he would end up next year. Anyway, I'm sure his agent his laughing through this entire playoffs.

I think he'll stay in Houston. He's made it clear he likes the city, organization, park, and his teammates. The one "catch" is that he wants to be sure the team isn't dismantled to support paying his salary. Signing guys like Berkman, Oswalt, Lidge, Everett,and Miller to longer contracts won't be cheap.

Drayton McLane is going to need to sack up for this one and move his payroll past the $80 million mark.

i predict georgy making a HUGE push for him

What position does he play?

Center field

George obviously will offer him a ton, but from listening to/reading his interviews, I don't know how much he'd like being a spotlight guy in a big media madhouse like NY.

I see the Cubs making a very legit offer, too. Mostly because they don't want to play AGAINST him anymore :)

"I don't know how much he'd like being a spotlight guy in a big media madhouse like NY."

very true, i know mike sweeney pretty well and he pretty much said that carlos wouldnt deal too well in the boston/NY markets

" see the Cubs making a very legit offer"

not until they get out from sammy's contract

"i think the cards will sign him. we can turn him into a leftfielder.Beltan,Edmounds,Walker. not a bad outfield.but he might have to bat seventh."

with what money? the cards have a good team, but they bring in minimal revenue to move beltran from his position

CF, SS & starting pitchers are the prestige positions and beltran is not going to move to another position unless they offer him a ridiculous contract which wont happen since they cant afford it

beltran will be playing CF next year, and he is a better overall CF than edmonds btw, and i hope that its for the astros, since they seem to be a pretty good fit

"not until they get out from sammy's contract"

When (not if) they decline Alou's big option, they should be able to free up some dough. They'll end up picking up a lot of Sammy's tab whether he's traded or not--nobody would take on that horrible contract with his production except the Mets :)

If they free up Alou's option money, and let Nosemar go along with a couple other FA's like Clement maybe, they could offer him something good. He kills Wrigley Field as well, the numbers are pretty gaudy.

In the end, I think his talks with Chicago and St. Louis (not likely, IMO) would end up being little more than a bargaining chip---Houston will pony up a little extra if Satan, I mean Scott Boras, threatens to sign him to another team in the division. Plus, he seems to genuinely like the city, park, and organization. His wife is already involved with the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, that's got to be a good omen for Astros fan, right?? :)

I only see the Yankees, Orioles, Angels.....maybe the Mets, maybe the Cubs going after Beltran.

Clearly the A's will get him.

"I only see the Yankees, Orioles, Angels.....maybe the Mets, maybe the Cubs going after Beltran. "

yanks - yes, orioles/angels - no way

they dont have the money to spend now on more offense, they are gonna go after pitching pitching pitching

we're building a new ballpark in STL, consider that

and they have huge money to pay Pujols, Edmonds, Walker & Rolen

they dont have a clear cut #1 pitcher, they have to sign their SS - who will probably be lost to freeagency

stl has more issues than another outfielder

1 - I doubt we even hear St. Louis rumored to be offering anything to Beltran.

2 - I think the Cubs will make a very solid offer to Beltran. Alou & Clement are gone - which frees up around $17 million for 2005. If somehow Nomar stays he won't be making a huge amount. Plus, Wrigley was at about 99% capacity for the year - Over 3 million seats sold. And Jim Hendry will have the power to raise the payroll IMO because the Cubs are in a window of opportunity right now. With solid young starting pitching and a core of everyday players like Lee, Barrett, Patterson, Ramirez - they are likely to do what Hendry deems necessary to make this team even stronger.

BTW - Beltran would probably play LF for the Cubs.

lol @ beltran being anything but a CF

the sox are more likely to go after carlos than stl

i cant speak for chicago...but he is most likely to stay in houston

the one team everyone is forgetting about is the "team formerly known as the Expos"

they need one superstar to help draw fans away from baltimore.

and beltran could be the guy!!!


he'll be wearing pinstripes/a star on his cap or red sox

Beltran will be a Yankee next season. What he is doing in these playoffs is only pricing himself out the range of most clubs.

The Yanks will make an offer without a doubt but I don't think he'll sign...

"BTW - Beltran would probably play LF for the Cubs."

If the Cubs got him, God forbid, they'd probably be better off with Beltran in CF, moving Sosa to left (he has no arm anymore), and Patterson to RF (he throws well). Just what I would do :)

However, that WON'T happen. I'll will it not to.

starts willing

Eric - That would be a possibility, but I think the Cubs would keep Patterson in CF. Really it's a toss-up defensively between he & Beltran. Either way, that's a nice decision to have to make.