Carlos Boozer

17 points - 15 boards - 4 assists - 3 steals - 3 blocks, in about 30 mins time. James and Pierce had HUGE games as well

i didn't even know that boozer was 2nd rounder. he was solid when he played for duke

Boozer was a 2nd rounder because he was coming off an injury.

Boozer again

17 points - 14 boards - 2 assists - 2 blocks - 1 steal
in 31 mins.

this guy is my pick for most underated player in the NBA.

That's fuckin sick!!!

He shot over .500 his rookie season, I'm pretty sure. He's a damn good player.

Also, his name is Carlos Boozer. That's a fuckin' cool name.

Definitely, but I never really considered myself a fan of his until Richardson bounced the ball off his head last year in the freshman vs sophomore game. That made me a fan of his and a hater of Richardson. lol

I didn't think Boozer would do well in the NBA considering he didn't show much at Duke when watching his games. He was solid but its cool to see him be a big time draft steal...

i thought he was a stiff in college and would be a stiff in the pros i cant believe he is doing as well as he is especially being so undersized in the nba

Boozer from Alaska