Hi Guys,
I have been getting many questions on the fight, mostly, what the heck happened? First, I would like to apologize not for losing the fight but for the fight being so boing.

As for what happened? well, 1. Charuto happened. A great grappler with a bright future ahead of him, Congradulations Renalto! 2. I never felt so sluggish and weak in a fight ever before. Perhaps the late coming in didn't help but I think it had more to do with weight category and training ethic.

To elaborate on the above, I have been weight training over the last year to keep size up for Pride and I think cutting the weight is really hurting me. I believe perhaps I have physically outgrown 170lbs. Also in hind sight, if I'm being honest, "you fight the way you train" and my attentions have been divided. It's obvious to me now, as I see it with one black eye, I must make changes to my lifestyle.

My academic carreer will be put on hold until I have made much improvement in my abilities to preform at todays fast improving level of competition. I probably should have made such a decision long ago, but it is sometimes hard to let go of some dreams in order to achive others; and being in love doesn't help when it comes to chosing the fight game over your long term future.

I would like to thank my supporters, who havn't broken their legs yet jumping off my band wagon; I have just one thing to say to you guys, "we'll be back". And I have to thank my consistant training partners (dispite what Rogan says) who are excellent! If any of you guys on the forum want to help me train for a future fight just let me know through my new web sight Carlos or at I am certainly going to need all the help I can get.

Thanks for the time and all of your support in the past,

Carlos Newton

You know, if you need help from me, have Sam give me a call.



thanks for coming over here as well as the main forum!

ttt for Carlos!

ttt for carloso


Interesting question.

I think besides the golden child "Mark Bocek"; if Micheal Mcdonald ever switched over to MMA at 205lbs I think he would be an immediate huge hit in Japan.


Where do you want to fight next and whom?

hey carlos , classy thread.i have thought you as the man since i met you with fetah at the canadian juijitsu open, you are the reason i started in mma . you are still THE RONIN . i am no where near your league on the ground ( even though i train with greats like MONKEY , SCOTT SCHILLING AND MARK THE MACHINE HOMINICK ) but i am a great at my stand up thanks to SHAWN TOMPKINS AND DAVID CRAWLEY so feel free to contact me in toronto and you can pound on me for a while .it would be my honour brian THE STEELDRAGON

Hey Carlos. Thanks for coming in here and letting us know what was cooking that night. I didn't even know you posted here. When watching the match, I remember thinking that Carlos was there in front of me on my TV but the real Carlos didn't show up that night. Others have expressed similar opinions in other threads. As far as people jumping off the bandwagon, I don't think you'll run into that problem in the Canada forum. You're still the man here! BTW, your observations make a lot of sense.

ttt 4 Carlos Newton!

Hey Carlos! I met you at Philthy McNasty's this summer in Kitchener, I saw you and Syd Vanderpool right as you guys were packing up. Just wanted to say thanks for being so coll and chatting with us for a bit and answering some questions.

Everyone has a bad fight or two, you will be back better than ever. Win or lose you are one of the best and most exciting fighters in the sport and you have a very loyal fanbase. Good luck in the future and hopefully I will be able to make it up to your place sometime to train. I am by no means a pro but if you want to beat me up for training I'm down!

Carlos Newton fan for life!

Nice post Carlos, can't wait to see you back in action. Charuto's BJJ was damn tight!

I just spoke to Carlos...I can confirm it is him who is posting.

great post Carlos, hope to see you in the cage or ring soon

TTT for Carlos!!

Didn't I tell you, you needed me in your corner?!

Don't worry Carlos, you'll whip 'em next time

TTT for Carlos Newton from another Newton fan 4 life!!!

Carlos is and always will be the man dont worry about ppl talkin shit
tt for carlos

Carlos, can I have the honour of sparring with you
sometime? (just boxing, as I've heard you're doing
alot of that lately).

Wayne from Shah Franco's and Tiller's Boxing (thank's
goes out to loaf for leading me along the path to
Tiller's; nice club, Chris is a great trainer).

DUDE! I saw you on "Off The Record" not too long ago! Way to represent the sport man!

Good luck in Pride! Oh... bring back  the afro and the broads with you this time! Classic entrance.

: )

Hey Carlos

Denis Kang and I will be heading out for TKO in Montreal at the end of February to corner and support Bill Mahood and Kajan Johnson.

I would very much like to put you and Denis together for some training sessions. Please fell free to get ahold of us anytime.

Looking forward to seeing you in Montreal.