Carlos Condit is a fisherman...?

apparently, who'd ever thought lol


Awesome! I fish about 40 bass tournaments a year so I can relate! Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post


40 tournaments a year? Thats pretty serious!

I do 15-20 but we only have a 5 month season in Ontario.

DrunkenBatman -  Supercalo should be on this Phone Post

Woulda bet my left nut that this was his thread after reading the title.

Glad I didn't....

Sorry to be rude but it's comical reading about these fishermen and their tournaments from a boat on the pacific. Phone Post

Steelhead...anything else is just remedial Phone Post

Sounds like a Calo dedication thread is brewing.

 Fishing is fun as fuck.

ice fishing ice a huge passion of mine!

guardbr8kr - ice fishing ice a huge passion of mine!

It's fucking exhilarating! Phone Post

I go after the giant catfish myself it's a blast Phone Post

who doesnt like to go fishing? i got 50 lakes within an hours drive .god i love canada

I grew up catching smallmouth bass and northern pike in Michigan and Canada.. Now I reside in Texas where I fish pretty much every weekend. March through November at least three tournaments a month! I fish strictly for bass, I currently hold two jobs and both are in the bass fishing industry.. I used to fish in college and had appeared on ESPN and Versus... Fishing is a lot more than most people think! Phone Post

mmaguy30 -  Joe, Carlos, and ANY others here that love to fish... AND think they could teach us something on the mat/in the ring...
I AGAIN extend my invitation to come to Myrtle Beach... I'll take you out fishing, I can put you on monster tiger sharks and fun as hell black tips inshore... or all the Mahi and Wahoo you can pull a few miles out...
I am a PASSIONATE fisherman, and would love to get some mat time in in trade for some great fishing... I have my own 33' center and several friends with sportfish's that are a comfy ride out the the GS...
I started a thread inviting one and all a ways back...

How about a trip to the beach? (attn Black Belts) 

If I say I'm a black belt and you take me fishing and then kick my ass in the mats will you be upset? Phone Post


Chad mendes Vs Carlos condit for super fisherman fighting championship of the world... Coming soon to pay-per-view after this welterweight title picture takes a few more wrong turns. Phone Post