Carlos Condit TTM?

Anyone ever get a return from Carlos at Jacksons? They said I could send the poster to the gym but wanted to see if anyone here has sent there before.

 He'd probably run away with it.


Ill throw you a bone. My members have had success with this address in the past few months. I would send him a twitter message to confirm before sending out though.<br /><br />PO Box 95138<br />ABQ, NM 87199-5138 <br />

Jacksons is normally a blackhole for TTM.

grkblood -  He'd probably run away with it.


What address is that tdrsnake? Thats not the address they gave me.

ricksongjj What address is that tdrsnake? Thats not the
address they gave me.

That's the fan mail PO Box he and his wife set up.

Thanks guys maybe I'll try that one instead then.Is that the right PO Box number? Seems like to many numbers.

I wouldn't send anything of value to jackson's. I've gotten a lot of guys c/o there, gsp, shad, cerrone, bones. But they truly are a black hole these days.

Damn ricks just saw condit a couple weeks ago. Him and bendo... Phone Post

Youre welcome and, yep, thats the right zip. The last four numbers supposedly make it easier for the post office to sort so that the package gets to its destination quicker. Supposedly. Good luck with Condit. He is a hot commodity when it comes to TTM right now.