Carlos Hathc0ck

Just finished reading "Marine Sniper" and now reading "Silent Warrior"


Just wanted to post this as I'm certian there are fans here.

As a former Marine. Gunny Hathcock is the definition of a Sniper.


RoninGear is correct.

Head over to and check the "White Feather" out...

no shit? me too. Warlord. 2b2m2d hooah!

no kidding on the Springfield rifle, eh?

Marine Sniper was a great read. I can't remember the book much because I read it as a kid... did he have a spotter when he nailed the guy through his glass? Didn't seem like it.

Hathcock was and always be a legend (RIP).

Wasn't there a lesser known sniper in Nam that went by the name of... Phantom of Phu Bai or something weird like that? He had many confirmed kills as well.


Yep Bull. Just a reservist though...

There were snipers who had more confirmed kills than Carlos, but as he put it being a good sniper was never about body count.

Great book, I never saw the video though.


Camp Perry trophy honoring Hathcock.

Yes, he had a spotter with him at that time. In fact, the viet. sniper nearly tagged his spotter...

There's a great series of Clancy-type novels where the protagonist is based on Hathcock. Sort of the further adventures of Hathcock. Excellent books, actually much better than Clancy. The author is Stephen Hunter, the first book in the series is Point of Impact. Tony Blauer actually quotes the book as giving a good example of the warrior mindset. The author, in addition to being the Washington Post movie critic (at the time it was written), is an active recreational shooter, so the gun stuff in there is very authentic.

Do you remember the titles' of the novels?

JKDGabe: Point of Impact, Time to Hunt, Black Light are the ones with the Carlos Hathcock-based character, I think. Just look at how many five-star reviews Point of Impact got on

He has another series of books based on an ex-Marine having adventures after WW2-- Hot Springs, Dirty White Boys, Pale Horse Coming, and Havana: An Earl Swagger Novel.

"There were snipers who had more confirmed kills than Carlos, but as he put it being a good sniper was never about body count."

High body count is nice, though. The highest scoring sniper to date, Finnish Simo "White Death" Häyhä killed about 500 russians with his non-scoped bolt action rifle in a time span of three months. Large frontal assaults + sniper = lots of casulties.

There are other snipers with more confirmed body counts, but I think Carlos Hathcock was the one who developed the marine sniper school, didn't he?

BIC,I"ll have to let you borrow my sniper instructional video with his interview(benzo)

In the book "Point of Impact" they actually refer to Carlos Hathcock several times. They talk about what he did as a sniper but in the book they call him Hitchcock (or something similiar), but it's close enough that you know who they are talking about.

Hathcock gets all the pub but there was another sniper in Vietnam who did more damage, Sgt.Chuck Mawhinney got 103 confirmed kills to Hathcock's 93. The History Channel had a show on snipers awhile back and they profiled him.

Russian snipers on the eastern front in WW2 had WAY more confirmed kills than any we have ever had. They had female snipers with over 200 confirmed dead. Vasilie Zietsef had over 300.