Carlos is #1!!!

From Sherdog:

MMA Media Top Ten

The monthly MMA Media Top Ten has been released. The big mover this month is Carlos Newton taking top spot among the welterweights, after previously top-ranked Sakurai lost for the first time.

Congrats Carlos!!!!

Welterweights - 155 - 169.9 lbs. (70.3 - 77.1 kg)

Carlos Newton 146
Anderson Silva 136
Hayato Sakurai 132
Pat Miletich 126
Matt Hughes 90
Frank Trigg 85
Tetsuji Kato 50
Shonie Carter 39
Gil Castillo 27
Sean Sherk 26


I don't know...Chute Boxe is getting pretty good at judo style takedowns as well as wrestling.

While Carlos will probably have the edge, it isn't going to be that easy IMO...

Sothy, I'm curious...

for a college student, and a Canadian, you are
sure knowledgable about the MMA fight game. I've
read some of your posts on both the UG and the OG.. you sit on the computer 23 hours a day, and/or
have a library of books and tapes on the MMA game? your own admission, you're not the best grappler,
yet you seem to have extensive knowledge about the
game. Not that just because you're not a bb in bjj,
and have 50 MMA fights under your belt you shouldn't
know as much as if you did have those credentials.. me out here... :)

When I get into something I REALLY get into it. Back in high school I wasn't that into fighting sports (I played rugby, but that doesn't count). I did try some martial arts out, but I wasn't that into it (and they were more traditional in nature, but we did spar)...

for some reason, in-between first and second year of uni (I'm in 4th now), I got into mixed martial arts and judo in particular...

So I checked out who was winning, history, etc.

I've joined my varsity wrestling team now so I'm guessing that my conditioning and takedowns will increase a lot in the next 8 months.

ps. I don't have that many videos. I guess I do spend a lot of time on the computer, I do like to buy books...

pps. Just because a guy posts a lot (like me) doesn't mean that they know what they are talking about :o)

I agree.

Dude, Anderson Silva was ranked at #6 on the MMAM before his fight with Sakurai. He defeated Kato in Shooto to get it (Kato is very good).

Carlos 'only' beat Miletich at 170lbs. Silva 'only' beat Sakurai at 170lbs.

I think that Silva should be #1 right now (but I like Carlos more :o)

Carlos will win because he has excellent takedowns..he took down Henderson, Menne and Militech..Silva better have a great sprawl or he will end up on his back and it only takes a second for it to end there..remember the title fight and Pat's reaction right after being submitted!! Carlos is mainly an exceptional grappler, we all know that although he has been boxing and is working with good fighters I hear, he also trained his standup in Holland for a bit(Pat stated this on Eyada)..I don't think Silva can hang with Carlos on the ground..I believe that he is a brown belt in Jiujitsu.. Carlos will create a scramble and then finish Silva off but it should be an amazing title fight!!Thanks

I hope that Carlos wins...but you under-estimate Sakurai IMO.

Miletich, on the other hand, has had some pretty questionable title defences in the UFC, he has also lost outside of the UFC...

Miletich at 185 lbs would be interesting. Hughes seems to be better than Menne at 170 lbs, but Menne seems to be better at 185 lbs. Hard to say whether Pat is better off going up or not...if Miletich loses to Carlos/Anderson, I see Hughes getting the green light to try his luck.

Anderson Silva is a brown belt in BJJ under the Nova Uniao Team. Newton isn't ranked per se, but we all know that he is a black belt =)

Striking goes to Silva, but I don't see Silva KOing Newton.



Going to be a good fight!


Good call Sothy , however you left out the take down factor , and that will go to Carlos .
The take downs will be fast and frequent .

Just my 2 cents

i think that anderson silva shouldn't be that high opn the chart....yeah he beat sak, but where was he before, his name isn't even on the fighter database...i tried looking him love to see if he can even stand up to sherk!

i think carlos would definetely win in a match against silva. i personally know carlos newton because we used to grapple together at the "samarui club" i talk to him every once in a while and he is really looking good. he trains so much im not sure its even healthy. he's definetely better at take downs, submissions, and basically grappling then silva.he also has very good stamina so he'll surelly win. the only problem he has is he should keep on training in striking even though he is right now. any comments?