Carlos Machado Seminar in Philly

I heard Carlos Machado is coming to Philly for a seminar. Anybody going? I heard he is a real cool guy and a awesome teacher. I can't wait for this. What do you guys think?


Carlos is an awesome guy. He is a very good teacher. A seminar is more than worth it. If you ever have a chance to attend a seminar from him or any of his other four brothers DO NOT pass on the oportunity.

if this is true than anyone who doesn't go is a fool...

WHERE in Philly?

At Philly MMA. I found it on the home page of

I think it might be cheaper to pre-register.

Carlos has been my coach for about 5 1/2 years. He has an amazing way of breaking down techniques. He's recently been working on a sweet armdrag and foot in the hip game. It's really helped my game. If you get the chance you should definitly go to this seminar.

BWHAHAHAHAH too fucking funny dude.....yeah I'll be there too still fucking funny

Yo FuryuX, you'll be there, right? Good I want to know what is funny. HAHA!



Who's going?

ttt for Carlos!

ttt for Carlos in Philly

ttt for Carlos!!!