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Carlos Machado Posted on Facebook:
“Learning the facts before spreading opinions is a good start! A stripe at Mr. Pittman’s academy is earned after a kid spends 200 hrs on the mat. It is a reward for the commitment, not an award for a rank alone. 7 stripes, in this case, equals 1400 plus hrs on the mat! In an age of children wasting precious time indulging on watching TV and playing video games, I believe it is a memorable feat to keep a youngster of that age focused on an activity which will bring way more positive results to his character and self esteem than electronic entertainment! Another aspect is the frequency in which children leave martial arts academies to play sports like baseball, football, basketball, and etc. The window is short for an instructor to keep a young student long enough before he/she ventures into the “more appealing” sports amongst their peers in school! Stretching their membership at an academy for an extra year may cause that kid to have a change of heart and choose to stay as a martial artist instead, or even if leaving his/her academy, will still retain the memory of the positive influence he/she received, and likely return back to martial arts during his later teen years. That is the whole reason he decided to implement a Junior Black Program for his youngsters. That does not mean they compete as Black Belts at an IBJJF event, it is a motivational tool to foster an ounce more of commitment when often kids would choose a different path instead! The reason Mr. Pittman calls his Academy a Black Belt Academy is not to become a factory of ranking belts, but to reflect the fact he has a curriculum written and followed to the letter for every program he teaches, from kids to adults, all ages! He took the time to write it down, teach each of his instructors what and how to teach the curriculum, and then went on to work on the belt system to create bench marks for each time a student covered enough ground to become eligible for rank advancement! If someone asks him what it takes to become ranked at his academy, he has everything laid out in advance, instead of leaving the rank to guessing or to how many tournaments are won before granting someone one of his belts. Some of his students are competitors, and have faired well on several tournaments, from IBJJF to Nagas! Yet, his school offers opportunities for those who are not competitors, yet would like to be martial artists as a hobby or lifestyle. Should only a smaller portion of the Jiu-Jitsu population (competitors) be the only ones who can have a shot to succeed in earning a rank? Mr. Pittman also extensively covers self defense, which in many instances are neglected by sports oriented only academies! That is not usual for the average BJJ Academy to follow to such a degree a well and sound structured martial arts academy, and it is also not usual for the average BJJ Academy to attain the same results in terms of numbers, both of student base and revenue (Pittman’s Academy is the largest BJJ school in the entire Southwest, and likely one of the largest in the Country, by all measures)! On another note, since Mr. Pittman started his unique structure, it was agreed between he and myself that I would apply an equivalence assessment of any of his students who were to transfer to my academy, or compete at Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, in which an adult Jr. Black Belt or different color belt was in place. I often placed Junior Non Red Bar Black Belt students (it takes 7-8 years for an adult to earn a Black Belt with a Red Bar at his academy) from Mr. Pittman as high blue or purple belt level at my dojo. Often, several of his students, when competing at IBJJF events, would use the rank in accordance to IBJJF rules in order to register for their particular tournaments. He did not infringe on my ranking nor on IBJJF at any time! Yet, he runs his business as he sees fit, and has complied with every rule on the books, whenever rank outside his uniques system was in question, whether at tournaments or regarding transfers to my or other instructors’ academies! He cannot be blamed for being successful, nor be accused of being dishonest or lack integrity by doing things the way he does! In my view, any opinion based on ignorance of the facts above stated constitutes slander!” Phone Post 3.0

90% business, 10% martial arts to run a successful academy. this is just business.

bla bla bla.. sure whatever any incentive to keep kids in the gym is good, just don't call it a BLACK BELT

how hard is that to grasp?

If I was a part of a Carlos Machado school (either training or teaching), I would have left yesterday. I would refuse to affiliate or associate with someone supporting the watering down of the art that I love.

FRAT - kid's parents paid the money for the belt.

Just a thought... Why do we need any coloured belt apart from black? Just segment them into divisions

Child black belt
Adult black belt (earned it)
Adult black belt (paid for it)
Adult black belt (in waiting)

Covers all basis no? Phone Post 3.0

Carlos should be ashamed. And everybody who ever shit on the Gracie University blue belt program or when 10th planet had their long distance programs had BETTER shit on Carlos Machado's association 10x harder if he is willing to back this BS.

There ARE other ways of motivating kids. Because what happens when they ALL have black belts. I started giving out rubber bands on the belts. This quarter I will give the student with the most 2 movie tickets. Then I take the bands back and start again.

They all laughed and thought it was a joke until the first kid got one. They don't need blackbelts.

Traditional martial arts bullshit. He should be fucking ashamed Phone Post 3.0

Ok. we are talking about a kid receiving a black belt n BJJ which is culturally against BJJ roots. It is common practice in TMA such as Karate and TWD but never applied for BJJ or even Judo for the most part.
He start talking about stripes on the belt, and I don't understand if the kid had his BB for a while and just got his 7th stripe on his belt(?) I am kind of lost.
Anyways, math is not my strongest subject but according with what he was saying 200 hours on a mat if I am not mistaking, if a kid trains 4 hours a week, he will need 50 weeks to get one stripe which is about 12 months. So, 7 stripes will take 7 years. It just don't make any sense.
I understand the motivational part, but that's why we have more belts for kids and use stripes on their belts. This method has work for many years.
Now, let's see, an average kid will come to class 2 times a week (2 hours), so that means that it will take this average kid 2 years to get one stripe (?). So it should take even longer to get to a "Jr. BB".
It makes no sense to me.

JudoInMotion - I was wondering about the math as well.

I don't see many kids with Green Belts in Jiu-Jitsu but everyone I met has had exceptional skills. And were pretty close to 16 years old which is when they are old enough to be promoted to Blue Belt.

Great video recently by the Rener, Ryron and Jordon that discusses keeping kids motivated to learn BJJ. Giving them a "Jr. Blackbelt" wasn't on the list of motivational tools.

The whole thing is fucking bullshit and even worse is that Machado is vouching for it. Like someone pointed out earlier, if giving our black belts to kids is that great why isn't he doing it in his academy? What the hell is Carlos Machado doing supporting something like this? He's Carlos Jr.'s cousin for God's sake. These guys need to be lambasted and shunned no matter who they are. Fucking embarrassing!

When I was a little kid training Judo, do you know what motivated me? Beating the other kids, especially older and bigger kids. That was about it, I didn't need a shinny patch or a golden star added to my belt every time I went to class, I went because it was fun, and that is still the reason why I make time out of my schedule to go to BJJ class and if I'm lucky some extra Judo practices.

Yes, we had colored belts, usually a higher belt was better than a lower belt, it had to do with training longer and knowing the curriculum. I guess it helped the teacher when he was going to pair up for skill and size. But competitions was age based and all belts until a level (Purple) together, doesn't matter if you are a white belt, if you go for it and win the match it is the same thing. The belt does not cover your ass, you have to do it for yourself.

The Green Bastard - Traditional martial arts bullshit. He should be fucking ashamed Phone Post 3.0


Actually it's McDojo bullsh!t. Legitimate traditional martial arts schools, which are rarer and rarer, don't engage in practices like this. This is more what people who stray away from traditional practices tend to do.


shen -
The Green Bastard - Traditional martial arts bullshit. He should be fucking ashamed Phone Post 3.0


Actually it's McDojo bullsh!t. Legitimate traditional martial arts schools, which are rarer and rarer, don't engage in practices like this. This is more what people who stray away from traditional practices tend to do.


Yep, you are right. Should have said McDojo. I actually love the traditional martial arts, just way to many of them are mcdojos Phone Post 3.0

I edited Carlos Machado's post to make it more concise.

"In an age of children wasting precious time indulging on watching TV and playing video games, I believe it is a memorable feat to [profit off kid$, for children are widely known as the best source of martial arts revenues, and also they make great slogans]."

Llimp knew this from Day 1. Get kids in the door by any means possible, get contracts signed by any means possible, profit. That's how you make the money.

I don't know about all this, and never met the guy, but if Carlos Machado wants money he should make more dvd or online instructionals.  Maybe it's just me, but I think as video instruction goes he's top 5.

I wonder if this kid had to pay $2000 for his black belt like Jordan did.....

Complete BS