Carlos Newton fighting soon

I spoke (briefly) with Carlos at the MMA Expo in Toronto and asked him if he was fighting again. He said yes in August in K-1 opponent to still be named.

Carlos is one of the nicest most personable people you'll ever meet and a great MMA mind and trainer.

I got to do a 3 seminar with him at the Expo and the man's mind on moves and techniques is so far a head.

I think K-1 is a brilliant company for brining the Ronnin back. Can't wait.
SOOO excited

is he training full-time or going to school and training part-time?

part-time MMAers can't be champs these days it seems...

They should bring in Miletich and Newton for a rematch!

Hughes was out cold when he collapsed (er, "slammed") Carlos. Total robbery, imo.

did he ever tell Pat "how he did it" after the fight?


Carlos mentioned something about his training partner and demonstrated how leg kicks have evolved and how he now trains to deliver them. so yeah I believe he's training full time.

If yuo live in TO there's another day of the MMA expo on tomorrw (Sunday) and Carlos mentioned he would roll with people for 5 minutes of they wanted.

TTT for the future Champ Carlos!!

Uh, Double KO means draw I thought. The outcome of the second doesn't change the outcome of the first.

I hope he gets back in there soon would be great to c him again

"It's OBVIOUS to anyone with a brain that he slammed him."

Not to a biased Canadian like myself. An entire country thinks you are wrong.

"Hughes was out cold when he collapsed (er, "slammed") Carlos"

Yeah, 'cos when you pass out COLD, you always have just enough energy to slam your opponent unconscious...


Newton vs Saku II would be nice to see

he got in the ring during the muay thai fights and said he has been asked to lead the Toronto team for the IFL and that they will be having tryouts....