Carlos Newton on CTV News Tonight!



did i miss it yet!?

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It was great. Carlos is the man.

i missed it :( someone give a summary.

This is off the CTV website:

World-wide fame, local anonymity for fighter News Staff

Carlos Newton is a legendary figure in his sport, but he's practically unknown outside of it.

One thing keeping the 27-year-old from being a name-brand athletic personality is the nature of his sport: he's an world champion ultimate fighter.

Ultimate fighting is a brutal sport, populated by martial arts experts, where almost nothing is outside the rules.

It's watched by millions world-wide, but has been banned in many parts of Canada.

Newton won't talk about his earnings except to laugh and say, "I do good, I'm doing fine." He is estimated to make in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

He lives in Newmarket, Ont., a community north of Toronto.

It takes two opponents per day to keep up with the welterweight.

"I just really enjoy it," he said, punching and kicking at a training bag. "I find fighting itself is an important aspect of our nature."

He first started learning karate from his stepfather at the age of four and went on from there to master other martial arts forms.

But his current trainer Terry Riggs said what makes Newton so popular in the Far East is that "he's a very soft guy. They kind of look at him like he could be anybody's neighbor next door."

Because of the underground nature of ultimate fighting in Canada, most people here have no idea who he is.

Newton said Canadian society has to grow a bit more before it can understand the role of combat sports, their interplay with sportsmanship and to think a bit more about what violence is.

In Newton's opinion, ultimate fighting is less violent than rugby or football because the battles are more about technique than brute strength.

Outside the ring, Newton is indeed mild-mannered. He counts sewing, cooking and car racing among his interests.

Another amusement is playing video games.

One perk of being a famous fighter is a video game has immortalized him.

"To come home and play your own video game is totally wow," Newton said.

While he hopes ultimate fighting will catch on in Canada, Newton is content to fight elsewhere and be a hero to millions of fans outside his home and native land.

CTV's Steve Chao contributed to this report.

Also, if you go to the CTV website, you can view the video segment. It's about 2 and a half minutes long. Enjoy.

It can't be far away. Look. MMA is on TSN now. (TKO & UFC) A few years ago it wouldn't have even been on the news. You see infomercials for the UFC. Canadian programmers carry the PPV's now. Local shows in places like Quebec and Alberta, and even Shut up and fight make a difference.

It's starting to hit mainstream. Just the edge mind you but hopefully big paydays are not THAT far away for the fighters.

That's why it's important to support ALL fighting events if you can. Things like Shawn Tompkins' strikers event coming up. London and Toronto have boxing nights where it's black tie for the guests with dinner and a fight card. London had the "Banger in the hanger." How soon will it be before Tompkins has guys on that card kick boxing or even muay thai? Soon after that maybe MMA?

This CTV interview is just another pound at the door and soon they will open it to let MMA in.

We just gotta stick with it and don't let go. Like a dog with that bone that just won't stop chewing.

The segment is also running on CTV NewsNet, probably on
a loop so you'll have a few opportunities to catch it on there.

"Newton won't talk about his earnings except to laugh and say, "I do good, I'm doing fine." He is estimated to make in the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually."

Really? Is mma paying that much now?

For Carlos, I'd think so, yeah. He's pretty active and has the unique situation where he can fight in the UFC for decent coin and also go over to Pride for the big bucks.

That´s good news for the sport.

His earnings are obviously exaggerated in that segment. Newton's not the most active fighter around (Usually fights 2-3 times per year), so I don't see how he could make that much.

Damn...I missed this.

ttt until I get home

Why couldn't he make that much?

At UFC 40 he made around 50 grand, and that was just one fight, Earlier that year he fought and beat Pele and Pride, and lost to Hughes.

I am sure he cracked 100 grand.

TTT for Carlos!

There are a number of fighters that are simply a few levels above what every other fighter does and receives. Carlos Newton is at the top of these select few!

agree with magnus. this is one of the selected few fighters that can fight for pride or ufc without repercussions.

He made 50 grand for fighting Spratt???

If that's true, then he does make around a hundred grand annually. The report's still a little exaggerated, though, in that they say he makes an income "in the hundreds of thousands", which implies he's raking in several hundred thousand a year. That's like someone who makes a million dollars annually, and the guy's reported as making "millions" per year.

Whatever he earns he's probably too much of a gentleman to boast about it and not a caveman like me. I respect that since it is his own personal business what he earns per year. He's one of those guys you feel happy for whenever you see him succeed out there.