Carlos Newton stopped by at JJ


It was quite surreal. I've been watching this guy on television for years now, and all of a sudden there he is in real life.

He rolled with both of my instructors and few other students. Carlos is lucky.. He's been blessed with natural superiour athleticism as well as understanding and creativity (for grappling). He let some guys get him in bad positions (near submissions actually) but then he just seemlessly reversed things to his advantage.

It really puts things in perspective. Your definition of what is a 'good grappler' changes, when you see people at a higher level.

I hear hes good at jiu-jitsu also


"where is your school mark?"

Rebellion jiu jitsu in Toronto

what did you talk aboot aye?

I got triangle choked by a blue belt from Rebel Jiu Jitsu at the 2003 Can American tournament in Michigan.