Carlos''s rates?

Anyone know what Carlos Machado's monthly fee now is? I haven't been able to afford training for a while but can now... maybe. Looking for BJJ in North Dallas and Carlos be da man yo.

They're on his site.

Damn!!! That's kinda steep for BJJ isn't it?

I almost choked when I saw $300/hr for a private.

Yeah, cannot afford $160/mo or more. $100 is about it.

Thx, though.


I trained with Saekson for a while already (total badass). I'll check that place out! 2 years ago, they had no bjj team but I'm glad the place has changed since. (I armbarred Saekson while playing around grappling at Trainers Elite... but he was kneeing me constantly... fun stuff :)

Carlos Machado is worth every penny.

Stronghold - JD is legit as they come. He is traveling to Brazil to train with the Master team(Viera) for a month to get ready for the Worlds. Jacare should be giving him his Black after that. For $150 a month, you get unlimitied BJJ, no-gi sub grappling, Muay Thai, weight and bag facilites, and an MMA sparring classes on thur. nights. Surrounded by current and up and coming fighters. Check it out.

That's too steep. I could go $100 but I had to take a job that pays me A LOT less than I was IT contracting for. I just couldn't take the 2 to 5 month layoffs in between contracts anymore. But, thx!

Hey Mr. Stronghold,

You know it's going to be tough to find BJJ instruction for $100 per month unless the instructor is looking to sponsor and help out some young deserving athlete. Still, some schools might be able to use a guy with IT skills like yours to help them from time to time with their websites and stuff. Maybe if you approach them with an offer for some of your IT expertise along with the $100 dollars a month in exchange for lessons, well you never know. It all depends on their needs and how you approach them.

And hey, if you're not above it, don't be afraid to offer to sweep and mop the mats after classes, maybe wash windows, take out trash, run errands, clean locker rooms, you know, stuff that needs to be done around the school that you'd be willing to do in exchange to make up the difference between your budget and the actual cost of instruction. I've seen it happen many times before that this type of student is invited in. But honestly, if they do take you in, it would probably be an invitation to join in on group classes, not privates.

Think positive, I'm sure you have something of value to offer. Figure out a way that you can help free up an instructors time. You might be exactly what he's looking for at the time. A motivated student who has something of value to offer and who is willing and trying to earn part of the costs of his lessons. Good luck.


First of all Carlos is the best around and worth every penny like jhill wrote. I do offer classes around the price you are looking at. I am in Lewisville, not far from north Dallas. I teach Muay Thai kickboxing on Tuesday and Thursday, Vale Tudo on Wednesday, and BJJ Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. You are welcome to stop in any time.

Thanks Tery

There you go Mr. Stronghold,

Terry's school and instruction is second to none. He's a Carlos Machado Black Belt. Jump on it!

Terry is also one of the best fighters I've ever seen. He's a two time Pan Am Champion, great instructor, and a great guy!!

Cool. I trained with Carlos when he was at Beocker's place but then I sustained a crippling injury. I'll check out the Lewisville site I suppose....