Carlson Gracie gone 4 years today

My friend and teacher, Grand Master Carlson Gracie died 4 years ago today. I miss you my friend.

rest in peace

Mack the Knife


no way, has it been that long?

 Holy crap!  I met him right after the TUF 1 finale...funny thing.  Some "kid" was with and took the pic for me.  Kid turned out to be Miguel Torres, lol.  Then met Carlson again a few years later at a show in Atlanta.

RIP to a legend

Carlson by kimura? In a sports match of course, I doubt they'd do vale tudo rules...

RIP Master Carlson

R.I.P Master Carlson

bjj revolution/carlson gracie team richmond,va


my son and I attended a Seminar with him 3 months before his passing. Was shocked to hear of it. It was the last seminar he did. RIP



 Rest in Peace, Carlson Gracie Sr, 1932-2006

Cant believe it's been that long.

RIP Carlson.

R I P Master Carlson Gracie

Wow- didnt realize it was 4 years already.

 very much missed.


i was honoured to meet and train under him.

 He should be in the UFC Hall of Fame. He doesn't get nearly the respect he should for all that he added to MMA/Vale Tudo and BJJ.


I still have his picture on my desk. It's a constant reminder to strive to be passionate and honorable.

--Jay Valko

Rest in Peace Master Carlson

Although gone, will never be forgotten...