Carlson Gracie Sr. in Eng./Ire.

Carlson Gracie Sr. and top instructor Jeff Neal will be doing seminars in England and Ireland.

For further information please contact:

Manchester-February 21, 2004
Billy Davidson-phone # 0161-950-2471

London-February 22, 2004
Ronald Kho-phone # 0781-590-468

Dates in Ireland will be announced soon:
Danny Khalid-phone # 077-09-364-356

Thank You

Please post venue and price for those seminars, me and some of my students want to attend Carlson's seminar in London.

Please call Ronald Kho for further information.

Thank You,

I did not try it yet, but it seems that there is one number missing from his phone

I will locate his number and double check that when I get back to the office on Mon. Sorry about the inconvenience.


Hey there

Does Billy Davidson ever answer his phone?! I have been trying the above number for weeks and left messages etc and no return of calls.

I would to go to the seminar and make a report for Grappling etc. but if he can't be bothered to return the calls I'll pass on it.


I am sorry that Mr. Davidson does not answer his phone or return phone calls. There is not much that I can do about that. I hope that you do get in touch with him and attend the seminar, it will be great as are all of Carlson's seminars.

Sorry for the inconveniece,