carlson Gracies new Book

interesting that carlson has a new book coming out.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Experts Only: Classic Jiu-Jitsu Techniques from the Master

Hmmmm you are right...interesting.

"Editorial Reviews
About the Author
Carlson Gracie is revered as one of the grand masters of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu... Julio Fernandez is a three-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Featherweight Champion and runs the Vermont Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense Academy. He lives in Burlington, Vermont.

Book Description
...One hundred and one positions that provide a complete game of guards, sweeps, and submissions are detailed. Students will find more aggressive techniques that expand their game in all directions, and advanced practitioners will learn the tips and secrets that make the difference between competence and greatness."

I think I read a post where Paul Viele said the big money in jiu-jitsu was in books (at the moment). If I had Carlson's credentials, then I would probably write a book myself.

Eel is correct. For many years there weren't that many books. But within two years BOOM!


The book should be released within six months.


Cool can't wait to see the book! I just had lunch with Carlson guy!


Yeah,I'm looking forward to that one big time.Anybody have an estimated date?

I'll get it, for sure

im going to buy it.

So what books are out there now? So far, we have...

Royler & Renzo: BJJ theory and technique

Royce and Charles: BJJ self defense

JJ Machado: BJJ BB techniques

Rigan: The essence of bjj, the encyclopedia of bjj

Renzo: mastering JJ

Royler: Submission Wrestling

Plus the John will books.

Man, that's a heck of a library, and they've only started. I'd like to see Carlos Gracie Jr. do a book, as well as a comprehensive one from Rickson.

I want to see it too.

Carlos Gracie Sr wrote a Bjj book over 50 years ago I would love to see that one!

for real m.g shit that would be so sweet if we can ge tthat old school book

I am looking forward to Carlon's book and will certainly buy it.

I have a list on Amazon called 'a Grappler's Library' that has
some of my favorite grappling books on it. If I were to write it
again I'd probably include JJ Machado's book and maybe
Royler's book on it as well.

Stephan Kesting

Invisible Press (Montpelier, VT) publishes most of the above books. The company is owned by Adam?, a purple belt who started with Julio Fernande. He now lives in LA and trains with JJM. He published JJ Machado's, Royler's, Renzo's, Royce and Charles', and Carlson's books. He can be seen as one of the guys JJM demos on in his book. There are more in the works, one coming up by a Carlson BB that will feature competition techniques...should be good from what I am told. Peace.

i think Carlson Jr has a couple of books out there

Carlson Jr's book is with Conan Silvera.