Carlson Gracie's NEW TALENT

Carlson launches a new talent issuing a challenge ...
Submitted by: Team TATAME
Posted On 12/21/2004
text and photos by Marcelo Alonso

Whenever Carlson Gracie arrives in Brazil he brings some 'bombs' to the MMA world. This time the bomb weights 132 pounds, was born in Mexico 23 years ago and is called Miguel Angelo Torres. Caming to Brazil to solve Visa problems and check the training of his students in Rio, Gracie brought his new pupil and launched a challenge: 'I don´t believe there is a fighter in Brasil that can beat him. He already fought 34 Vale-Tudo fights and just lost one by points against a much heavyer oponent. This guy is a complete fighter: Very good in Boxing, Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu. I challenge any fighter in Brasil in under 60kg category to try to beat him', guaranteed the Gracie.

After lunch with Miguel in a barbeque place in Copacabana, last thursday, master Gracie went to Passando a Guarda, the most famous TV fighting program of Brazil and repeated this challenge in a interview to the renowed reporter Jorge 'Joinha' Guimarães.

Go Miguel!!

How's THAT for pressure?

Crazy man!


I like Miguel and all but...

Miguel is Marcello Monteiro student.
I trainned with him when I was in Indiana and he was in De La Riva association as well.

Very good fighter,a lot of talent for this guy!

What is his rank?
How long has he been training?
34 fights and only 23...pretty crazy.

I just seen him fight in IC and this kid is amazing and he won't dissapoint.

HELLLLL YESSSSS. I agree with Carlson. Miguel's talent grows by leaps and bounds every time I see him fight. Go get 'em miguelito!

look forward to seeing him compete, if carlson is that confident in his abilities, he must be on another level.

Carlson would certainly know what it takes to be such a great fighter. I look forward to seeing this guy in the future.

very cool for miguel! since when is he a carlson gracie pupil?



Miguel is a baaaaad man.

nice, but the big names won't fight him, not cuz they feel they'll lose, but the MONEY won't be there... it makes no sense for a top name to fight this guy....

also, if he did fight a top name from BTT or Chute Boxe or whatever, he would get mad press. win win. good luck to this guy.

Any takers?


Many of those wins are from a thurs. fight night type deal that was at Finkys Bar in Hammond,Ind every month. The times I saw him fight early on, the opponents did not look so good. However, recently I saw him fight at the Hammond Civic Center and defeat a pretty talented fighter.

Just to be clear, are we talkn about Miguel Torres from Indiana?? If so hows he gonna find a Mariachi band out in Brasil, lol. Go Miguel!!!


Yes, we are talking about Miguel Torres from East Chicago, Indiana.

wait, wait, wait...

Rewind a bit.
Somedody said that Pederneiras has a student that will take the challenge... is this legit? If so, I can't wait... and I still say Miguel will go all the way. I don't see him losing again anytime soon.

I don't care what a guy uses to hold his gi together, belts and jj experience alone won't cut it.

Miguel's jiu-jitsu skills are very good... But his MMA skills are LEGENDARY. That is why Carlson scooped him up and is now parading him around Brazil.

would like to hear more about this, I have read about this fighter on here, but never seen him fight