Carlson has 1 more fight to fill.

Carlson Gracie needs 2 MMA Fighters to fill 1 spot left on a fight card at the Trump Casino in Indiana November 6 2004. The fighters will get $500 to show and another $1000 to win. This is a benifit show for the Gale Sayers Boys and Girls Club in Chicago and has Boxing matches as well as MMA fights. Any takers?

Feel free to email me, maybe I can find some people to fill the spots...

Miles, do you want in? Your post is gone.

JimmyJohn, please e-mail me at I have some update info for you.

if airfare is included I am down.

I have a good relationship with SR. and JR. in Chicago.

email me

if airfare is included I may have some fighters for you - if you could e-mail me the weights and the records/skill level of the opponents I would appreciate it - thanks


Hmm..not sure why my post was deleted. I didn't do anything.

In any case, I'm interested but no guarantees as I'm waiting for word about a possible match later in the month. I would appreciate if you could give me more info though.



Which Trump casino?

JimmyJohn.. I have guys all sizes and experiences.. email me the details.. and a phone number that I can contact you at.

Jimmyjohn call me (773)301-3153

Brian Gassaway