Carmelo engaged to MTV VJ

Carmelo Anthony is engaged to MTV VJ La La Vasquez.

He gave her a 9 carat ring on Christmas.

Good for him, now he will become even worse than he already is.

lol, she looka like luda wit curves.

What he thinking?

When it comes to the game son,


brrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrr (dove sounds)


carmelo should share the ball. jacking up 25 shots per game and hitting 40% is selfish

The dude is pussy whipped already.

funny, luda used to tap that (along with about a million other industry dudes)

ROOKIE MISTAKE getting married this young. tsk tsk.

If I was lucky enough to make it the NBA, I would allow myself a minimum of five years of unrestrained groupie access before I even thought about getting married.