Carnival is coming

Next week!

I love the shitty little carnival that comes to a town near me. I love carnies. I love the rigged ass games you play to win crappy prizes. My favorite is when the carnies heckle you to try to rope you into the rigged games that you were already gonna play anyways!

Large women in small clothes, 20 year old pop tunes blasting from speakers. Shottily put together rides that could break and kill you at any moment. Trashy people doing trashy shit.

Its heaven to a lowlife like me.


Funnel Cake is the equivalent of meth to you inbred carney retards.

Even though I do not share the same infatuation with stupid carnivals, I do have a weak spot in my cold dark heart for a properly made Funnel Cake.

I recently visited a zoo that served funnel cake and you got a choice of flavored sauce that they would drizzle on it before and after they added the powdered sugar.

Naturally I choose chocolate but then I heard the couple behind me order a raspberry & chocolate funnel cake and it honestly pissed me off a bit. Nobody told me I could order more then one sauce! Those bastards!

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Damn. Coming in hot! Lmao

I’m sorry about your funnel cake troubles friend. Did you just accept them treating you like a bitch or did you do something about it?

I absolutely did do sometbing about it! I went back and ordered another one! Wtf did uou think was the only acceptable course of action!

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Yes! Good for you man! Dont take them hoity toity zoo peoples shit!

Lela lela lela…

We have one that comes through Mount Pleasant, South Carolina once/year. Between admission, food, games and the rides, it’s hard to get out of there for less than $300 for a family of 5.

Woooo. Shit that’s pricey! Luckily you’re a OGer and like 90% of the OG is millionaires! Lmao

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I threw up at a Carnival when in high school. I rode so many spinning rides in a row I puked lol.

Wow. You are awesome.

Thank you for your service sir.

Lmao! The spinning ones make me nauseous. never actually puked… YET!

Deep fried Snickers bars are genius.

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