Caro's book and video on Tells

Has anyone seen them. I've heard good things about them, but would like to hear some more opinions.

Since I play 99% online now I haven't bothered to read/view them.

I have briefly looked at the book. It has a one or two page section for each tell. It explains the tells, has a couple pics of a person exhibiting the tell, and then gives a accuracy % for the tell based on skill of the opponent. SOme tells maybe be 90% accurate for a novice player, but arent dependable at all when a skilled player exhibits it.

I just watched his video set and it was pretty interesting, lots of stuff to review. Also got a couple of videos by David Sklansky and I'm sure they will be quite informative.

I have read it twice or so... seems to have useful information for casinos (I don't play in them very often), but not so much for home games and (of course) playing online.

They seem to work well for people who play a whole lot, fall into habits, and are not terribly good. JMO