Caro's book of tells?

What are your feelings on this book? Did it help your live play at all?

That book is pure crap. 

No offense, but anyone who doesn't find that book utterly ridiculous, has to be kidding themselves.

It sucks.

Check out Joe Navarro's stuff. His entire DVD is on poker Bay and Youtube.

Why does it suck? I just read it a few days ago, so should I just throw away everything I got from it?

tells are tough. the simple ones like shakey hands are good but you have to be sure the guy isn't always shakey handed for it to mean anything. tells should be your last line of defense in that when you add everything up and you still don't know, that is when a tell can tip you one way or the other.

plus some tells can mean one thing for one guy and another for someone else. the trick is to observe players and fugure out what that specific behavior means for specific player. some guys act strong when strong , some act strong when weak. you have to figure out what his "show" means for him.

i think tells are over-valued in some ways and maybe undervalued in some others, but solid poker and carefull observation of your foes should make up the vast bulk of your poker effort

I think a lot of it is subconscious, too. Sometimes you just "know" that someone is bluffing, or slowplaying, or whatever- even though you aren't aware of the exact tell. Your subconscious is a lot better at cataloguing tells than you are. But it is more easily fooled, too.

one good tell i've learned from phil hellmuth, was after the flop hits, you see people leaning towards or away from the table.

i've actually found myself doing it.

Im not saying that you can't get physcial tells on people.  You definitely can.

But that book is completely ridiculous.  It will list some whacked out, insane tell, and then say something even more ridiculous, like rate its accuracy at 76%....

Its amazing this guy gets the respect in the poker world that he does.

Physical tells are ridiculously overrated. You can become an excellent live poker player completing ignoring the tell aspect.

I read a lot that a tell is often the least and least piece of evidence a pro considers

Well I'm pretty upset with myself for purchasing this book.


tells and reads are very situational....its about 20% logic, 75% instinct and 5% luck...........

Wish I had read this before I bought that book.

I just found myself shaking my head at some of the shit in there, especially the "rate of accuracy"

Not to mention half of it involves draw poker, and the pictures look like they came from 1974. Just crap.

Well, the book was written a long time ago and it was written when Draw High and Lowball were the only games you could play in the card rooms in California.

The book is a classic for a reason.

While overgeneralizing tells for every player is a mistake, the book of tells gives you a foundation for understanding tells, imo

I think I will stick with the Oreo cookie tell I saw in Rounders in 1998 or the tells you see in all those Full Tilt commercials. You can't go wrong with those...IMO.

Are you kidding me??? This is a GREAT book... If you are a true poker player this book is a must! It shows you how to look for things at a table you normally not do... Ask any Pro player and they will tell you the same thing.. I would like to bet that most Pros have read this book!!!