Carriage Gaits?

Hi Scott,

Can you give some pointers on how to apply the endurance gait of slavyanisky byeg to walking, jogging and sprinting?

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I was under the impression that the Endurance Gait was a gait unto itself, kind of "in between" walking and jogging...?

I use the Endurance Gait as a starting point for exploration, since once one gets it one can do it indefinitely; it gives you time to notice everything. Then, I'm able to notice stuff like "if I go slower, I have to emphasize my hip movement more" or "if I go faster, I have to spring off my toes differently." I've been noticing lately how my breathing has to change when I "shift gears" to certain slower/faster speeds...

Jon is correct.

There are four gears to human locomotion, each with its own unique gait: walking, trotting, jogging, sprinting. Running is a term referring to "faster than walking," and can be divided into three components.

In particular, I use a trotting/sprinting regimen on a Tabata protocol of approx. 30SEC sprint / 150SEC trot for approx 10 sets. Right now, I'm doing hill sprints and then trotting down to re-set. I've included a back pack of approx 15 lbs. It scares away the mountain lions.

In Russia, one of the exercises I learn and with which like to torture my American trainees is to fireman's carry a partner for 10 meters yards trotting, 5 meters sprinting, and so on until finding "puke-potential."



I should probably clarify exactly what the hell I was trying to say; If shifting into another "gear" of locomotion do the principles of SB still apply? For example when sprinting should one be taking longer steps? Exhaling more frequently?
And seeing as you mentioned it Scott, how does carrying a load alter the dynamics of locomotion?
Thanks for the sprinting/trotting exercise example, I might go and play with that this afternoon.


Cilian, each gear has it's own gait. SB is a trot, not a sprint. The sprint mechanics are different.

Load-bearing increases storing and releasing elastic energy through the hips.



Are there any plans to release materials on the other gears? I ask because I find the SB method very effective but unfortunately not fast enough for what I'm training for (7min. mile)