"Carrie" scaring the sh!t out of New Yorkers LMAO


blue namer please . lol

This is awesome haha Phone Post 3.0

Hah awesome. Well worth the time!

All of us would have fallen for it in the moment Phone Post 3.0


Cool. Phone Post 3.0

Brilliant Phone Post 3.0

Haha - that is amazing..

One of the best viral campaign/stunts/promotion for a film ever.


Great prank. Phone Post 3.0

She should have stabbed herself in the snatch with a crucifix and said "let Jesus fuck you!"

Oops, wrong movie :) Phone Post 3.0

that is funny.


i would started laughing like a madmen

In Phone Post 3.0

Fanfuckingtastic! Phone Post

Well done prank. Phone Post

She wood get it.

The construction worker kills me LOL Phone Post

Greatest prank ever?

Is it racist to say that I find black peoples reactions to be hilarious?