Carrier takeoff incident and emergency landing

"Eject! Eject!l"; F/A-18C Night Barricade on USS Constellation - YouTube

From someone on youtube:

Not my story, but a retired LPO on USS Constellation provides this explanation:

The reason that the engine blew that night was because the Flight Deck Officer did not remove the cat track seal after the last day recovery. Falcon 407 was the first jet off the deck (cat 1on ) Case 3 launch (Night). When the shuttle retracted it peeled the seal out of the cat track and laid it on the deck right next to the track and NO ONE SAW IT. When Oyster took his cat shot the left engine sucked the seal off the deck and fodded the engine. The left engine was useless and the right took a partial chunk. I was on the deck and helped rig the barricade. On his first pass when he waved off the lights on the ship caught the seal flapping down the starboard side of the jet. His next pass was flawless, thank god because he would have had to eject as he onely had about 400 pounds of useable fuel left, not enough to meet up with the S-3, he would have flamed out. Epilog: about an hour after the recovery you saw all of V-1 division carrying around urinalysis bottles because this was totally their fault. Notable to relay is that Oyster and the LSO got air medals for their cool and calm handling of the incident. The Falcon Maintenance team had the jet flying in 42 days, just in time to put some warheads on foreheads in operation Southern Watch. — Credit Dennis Holzinger

Something splashed in the water at the beginning though, right?

Fake Pie - Something splashed in the water at the beginning though, right?

Looked like it 

That LSO was a steely eyed son of a bitch. 

Kudos to them all for remaining so calm…