Carry a Gun Alpha or Beta?

Is carry a gun make an Alpha or Beta?

Skaggs Alpha Beta Phone Post

depends on the gun.

What if I carry a 45? Phone Post 3.0

I'd say it makes one neither. Phone Post 3.0

What does carry a gun make women alpha or beta? Phone Post 3.0

Arzn1ck - What does carry a gun make women alpha or beta? Phone Post 3.0
Two different povs. Some maintain that a big cocked man carries a 45. Others say men with penile issues carry a 45 to compensate.

Educate me, OG. Phone Post 3.0

QUAAAAIIIIIDDD - because you prefer to use a guaranteed violence deterrent, doesn't make you either.

i think people that are SCARED of guns are beta. but liking them doesn't make you alpha.

This. Phone Post

i'm not sure if this guy is alpha or beta


It makes you.......


Dunno but on the flipside,I woulda thought being defenseless and getting robbed at gun point would be pretty beta Phone Post 3.0

If you cannot protect yourself or your loved ones, you are not a man. -me

Many times that means having a gun and knowing how to properly use it. Phone Post 3.0

Beta Phone Post 3.0

Just make you less likely to be a victim. Phone Post 3.0

A pussy . . . Phone Post 3.0

I dunno, people wirh CHL hacve no felonies and we all know real men cuss and have done jail time. Real women have too.

Dumb question. You idiots are so hung up on the alpha-beta thing. You really miss the point about people dedicated to protecting their families.

Beta of course, fists should do the talking but the world sucks since some scrawny lanky dude has to even the playing field with tech ;)

If you are carrying and have to let people know, then you are beta.

Conversely I am only afraid of guns if I see them near me. That is because some knuckle head had to make sure that everyone saw their gun. My friends/students who carry only let me know when they have their weapon because they don't want to leave it in the change room.

People who don't exhibit good gun safety scare the shit out of me. People who do exhibit good gun safety do not.