Cart Narcs

Block GIF by Debby Ryan

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I love the defeated indignation the Cart Narcs put on when they see a cart infraction occurring.


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I hate people who don’t take care of their carts but Cart Narc is annoying AF and deserves to get his ass beat.


I thought of this thread last night. I was at my local supermarket right before they closed, and I parked pretty close to the store. I saw one person way out in the parking lot returning their cart to the corral out there. I thought about how inconsiderate that person was to make a worker walk all the way out there to bring in one cart as I left my cart on the sidewalk next to my parking spot.




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Part 1

Part 2

Imagine acting like that in front of your old father, or acting like that in front of your own son. How embarrassing lol

Haha, I love the trigger flag.

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“A tale as old as lazy-bones time.”


“Scary” Perry Caravello talk

Hell Yeah Reaction GIF by Bounce

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His name is Sebastian. That’s a faggots name.

Agent Sebastian.

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Hummina hummina!