Cart Narcs

Nope. Just a dedicated Narcateer.

He is really quick on his feet. He comes up with good rebuttals, on the spot.


People who don’t return carts/people who can’t park within the lines/people who don’t use directionals

All the same breed of asshole


Directionals? Where do you live?

Ok, maybe you call them Blinkers…whatever!


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Oh, ok. You mean turn signals.

I think he means indicators.

Left lane drivers…

Flashy thingies

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Does anyone in the US call them directionals? I grew up calling them blinkers. Directional sounds much more classy , so i assume you are British.

I always called them turn signals, unless i was advising someone they need “blinker fluid”. And i just realized that.

Turn signal fluid sounds faker than blinker fluid

I’m not I live in Maine. But people here have called them directionals my entire life

In fact I just heard someone yell “ Nice directional asshole!” To a Massachusetts driver over the weekend that didn’t use one when they turned

Proud graduate of Lazybones Law School.

I guess we know the lazy asses take on it now.