Cartel Grow Taken Down in Antelope Valley

You have my address Right

BC and Cali need to have a smoke off soon my friend.
Gone old school this year with the improved local strains of years past.

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Came here to say the exact same thing.

Did you read some article in the last several years and think that California was and is actually getting water from the Great Lakes basin?

Because it isn’t.

That’s a ridiculous statement Hess, water wars are very real and very serious in the west.


I guess I just keep hearing about it as a possible alternative.
The idea hah/has been floated for decades.

Fuck the water, son. I was merely pointing out how bold and out of fucks the cartel is. Beyond that, murders and shootings are almost tripled and my LEO friends are saying the cartel is not only here but active af. Luckily, all of the victims are affiliated and no civilians have been targeted.

Multiple articles I’ve read about this particular bust - including the one in the OP - specifically cite farmers affected by both well thefts & damages to the land e.g. chemicals leaching into the ground supply.

I’m essentially asking the lemons into lemonade question: Now that there are legal options for sale, is there any attempt to turn this around & mitigate damages, or are they stuck in decades-old thinking & procedure?

twats left these pups to rot in the hot

I’ve been told that, even after legalization, anything confiscated is tossed into the incinerator.

Not sure if it is, in fact, an ACTUAL incinerator but it is destroyed, I’m told.

he reason is cali is taking too much of the pie. if they lowered the tax it would be more profitable for legal grows

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All that work for fucking pot. Who gives a shit about marijuana? Work on taking down real drugs.

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The issue is that these massive grows are popping up on public and private land in the middle of town. 50+ at least. And they’re stealing municipal water. Oh, also the dangers of letting the cartel operate with impunity. Might become an issue. So, it’s more than just a little bit of weed, maaaaaaaan.


The best weed in CA is in Northern California where they have plenty of water. The emerald triangle gets lots of rain

My buddies dad worked on several desalination plant projects in CA. The state let environmentalist obstruct them until they gave up and went to Austalia which welcomed them with open arms. California would have multiple plants running by now.