Cartels in Tijuana

It’s not so bad

I went because I found the only 2 honest cops in Mexico. Walking over the bridge with a cup of ice from a club by the beer stands in that little square right over the border. They said it was an open container. I offered them each a 20 to fuck off. They took me to jail. My fine was about $22

Made no sense to me

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Don’t know what you are referring to :slight_smile: But it’s time you visit Thailand, and hammer out some new “girls”.

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Did they cuff you to another inmate? My buddies always got cuffed to another random person in there.

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Surprisingly I was the only one there. Went to a station to get booked, then they drove me to some jail. It was a big open room with a concrete bench that went around the walls

When I got out I threw up on one of their cop cars in the parking lot