carvhalo, medaros, diago or sperry

1)Sorry for the spelling.... which tape set is more complete for straight up bjj and can anyone make comparisons between the sets????????

2)which set would you rather learn from and why?????

3)who would you say is a better teacher?

also please add any others that i might be leaving out..............

Pedro Carvalho's and Mario Sperry's are both good.

You may want to look into Kukuk's A-Z or Bob Bass's series that was released by SBGI productions. Kukuk's is cheaper, but I prefer Bob's teaching. Regardless, each set covers almost every position and offers a number of options.

Is Kukuk's A-Z all no gi??

Medeiros set is awesome...

"Is Kukuk's A-Z all no gi??"---I think 99% of it is. I think he shows a couple of collar chokes.

You're not going to find many who have all the sets and can give an side-by-side comparison. I've heard more than a few people say the Carvhalo stuff looks really dated.

Roy Harris is having a sale right now - DVD's $25 each - a good price and excellent for white belts and new blues.

Get them all.I did.(benzo)

Well you see now Sperry and Carvhalo are excellent teachers and fighters. However, Paul Viele is ass hole so dont buy from him. If you really want those tapes get them on ebay.


Contact me an i will give you a deal on whatever you want.

Stay with Island for the best in pure technique BJJ. From Rodrigo Medeiros, Rey Diogo to Joe Moriera, as well as Randy Bloom or Kazeka Muniz.

We have a great deal on a 6 DVD set by Chris Brennan as well

rey diogo's stuff is great. is coming out with awesome stuff too.