Carwin/Lesnar off for 108

Does anyone think Brock is going to be a lot closer to Carwin in size now? Everyone I know thats ever gotten a bad case of mono always loses mad weight. I think it will be interesting to see, at his age and build, what this will do to his physical size.

I think they should have Carwin fight someone for the interim title. Shame to have him wait that long. They should put the winner of Nog/Cain against Carwin for the interim title, then the winner of that vs Brock when he is healthy.

If anything it would piss Brock off and make him come back even hungrier.

We landed on the moon!

ChokeEmOut -  Kinda feel for Carwin but could give two shits about that fight or seeing Lesnar fight ever again.

but i could give two shits seeing that fight and brock fighting again