Carwin v Brock off to cover Anderson not fighting?

Could this be a cover for Anderson Silva not fighting on January 2? Tito vs. Forrest can already carry UFC 106.

 Carwin posted on his Twitter that it has been moved to 108

tito and forrest can NOT carry that card considering the weak UFC 105 card the week before!

mcpeepants232003 - Ufc 106 does need a main event

Amir Sadollah vs. Phil're welcome!

I say stiff the Brits and bring Couture vs. Vera over to this card!

This card looks weak as shit now, they took Fitch off and Lesnar/Carwin

 The problem seems to be that you have to pull fights off of other cards.

So here is my suggestion:

-add  Duffeee/Buentello to 106 main card since 107 already has huge drawing power

- move Amir/Baroni to the main card

Now your card looks like this, which IMO looks like a solid card

Main Bouts:

-Forrest Griffin (16-6; #5 Light Heavyweight) vs. Tito Ortiz (15-6-1)

-Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (17-3; #8 Light Heavyweight)* vs. Luis Cane (10-1; #10 Light Heavyweight)*

- Duffee  vs. Buentello

-Karo Parisyan (18-5) vs. Dustin Hazelett (12-4)

-Amir Sadollah (1-1) vs. Phil Baroni (13-11)

Preliminary Bouts:

-Ben Saunders (7-1-2) vs. Marcus Davis (16-5)

-Kendall Grove (10-6) vs. Jake Rosholt (6-1)

-George Sotiropoulos (12-2) vs. Jason Dent (28-9)

-Brock Larson (29-3) vs. Brian Foster (12-4)