Carwin vs. Ubereem

Hypothetical matchup of the decade. Clash of the titans. If (when) Overeem comes to the UFC to chase the belt, IMO this is the most exciting possibility. Also vs. brock (for the lulz)


AO is a much better striker but if Carwin lands one flush it would be enough to put anyone out or anything for that matter. Phone Post

You should have waited until November 11th to make this thread, that would have blown people's minds.

I do think this would be Overeems debut fight in the UFC. Maybe Lesnar because I think Overeem would win, and that would mean a lot to UFC fans. Carwin would test Overeem though, good wrestling, better chin than Brock and big power. I'd pay to see it.

Overeem would outclass him. I like Carwin but I don't even think it would be competitive.


man what a first couple of minutes we would see.

Ubereem by KO in under 30 seconds and that's being generous..

 I know Shane posts here and all so I don't mean to offend him but I think Ubereem would destroy him.

I know carwin posts here too but I still say carwin DESTROYS him and it wouldn't be close. Once carwin gets the TD, and he would, it would be a horrible end for reem. But man that's a dream fight. We'll
Never know for sure until it happens. Please someone make it happen. Please. Phone Post

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God Save Us.

Shane's got power and can knock out anyone. I haven't seen him use his grappling yet. He's a wrestler so if he is able to take down Alistair then his GnP will be vicious. Phone Post

would love to see this match-up. too bad UFC doesnt allow its fighters to fight outside the octagon.

 Would look like the Duffee fight.

Watch Gonzaga/Carwin.

I think the Reem would take Carwin and the latter is my favorite Heavyweight in the UFC. Carwin has better wrestling but his takedowns are more about his strength then actual technique. I think Allistar can stop the TD due to being faster and possibly just as strong(er). Reem as quicker, better striking and he would be able to use leg kicks and his muay thai guard to dismantle Carwin from using his super straights from hell lol

i'd love to see that fight.

AO has superior standup technique, but he's been TKOed many times before, and just one punch from Carwin could fold him.

I'd lean towards Carwin via GnP.

would be great to see AO against a top-ten finally...

I'd take Carwin in the 1st round. If it wasn't finished then, I might have to go with The REEM.

anything after the 1st round Carwin will be in trouble:)

Shane Carwin - anything after the 1st round Carwin will be in trouble:)

Fighter bashing!

I have a feeling the predictions are gonna start going Shane's way now...

Shane Carwin - anything after the 1st round Carwin will be in trouble:)

 LOL awesome