Who would sell their soul for love? Or waste one tear on compromise. Should be easy enough. To know a heartache in disguise

But the heart rules the mind. And the going gets rough. Pride takes the fall. When you find that kind of love.

I can't help feeling like a fool. Since I lost that place inside. Where my heart knew its way, and my soul was ever wise.

Once inocence was lost, there was not faith enough.Still my heart held on, when it found that kind of love.

Though beauty is rare enough, still we trust, somehow we'll find it there. With no guarantee, it seems to me, at least it should be fair.

But if it's only tears and pain, isn't it still worth the cost? Like some sweet saving grace, or a river we must cross.

If we don't understand, what this life is made of. We learn the truth, when we find that kind of love.

Cause when innocence is lost, there is not faith enough. We learn the truth, when we find that kind of love

I enjoyed that.

I liked that...

Thanks Yuki

wow Yuki...that's deep....hold me.... =)

"That Kind of Love"

Alison Krauss

u getting all mushy cause the Lions won?