I am organizing an ongoing fundraiser program for individual BJJ/MMA fighters, teams, or schools. I understand the cost involved in training and competitions. This can be a great way to get some extra cash to help with those expenses. Blue Smoke Salsa has been involved in fundraisers for schools and private organizations for years now. We are now providing fundraising efforts for grapplers and MMA fighters.
Blue Smoke Salsa is the best selling gourmet salsa on the East Coast and was voted the best salsa in the western hemisphere at the Miami International Food Show and won at the Fiery Food Challange on the Food Network. Blue Smoke comes in a variety of heat levels from mild all the way to XXX hot. Blue Smoke sells for $5.00 a jar and you will make $1.50 for every jar sold. That breaks down to $18.00 in your pocket for every case you move. The product sells itself and people will be bugging you where they can get more.

If your interested in raising some cash for your training expenses, equipment for your school, or travel money for competitions, you can contact me at You can also check out the website at or