Cash Me Outside Girl(Bhad Bhabie) turned 18 today

One of the greatest movie scenes of all time.

Just wanted to make sure you knew in case the pedo-factor makes her “juicy bellybutton” more exciting for you

It does seem like she’s just said “fuck it” after she made an Only Fans account, and stopped using makeup entirely.

I think she knows that desperate dudes are still going to pay to see her show off some cleavage.

She’s making a fortune off looking like someone you kinda regret waking up to after a drunken night at the bar.

Idk, I hate to be this guy, but think I kinda feel sad for her. She was clearly not bright and damaged from day one, and that was why Dr Phil exploited her, but think of the toxic shit she’s been exposed to since Dr Phil. A all of the worst that money and fame can bring. To a dumb, damaged kid. Sher isn’t a talent, she’s an exploited child.

Money isn’t salvation. She will be a tragedy to this. It’s not sexy. It’s sad.

Nope that’s her little sis. Hunter is near perfect

Animated GIF

Who dat

That mons pubis is a nice one!

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