Cash Me Outside Girl(Bhad Bhabie) turned 18 today

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I’ll bet her pussy is cheesy.

Shame she clearly has some issues to change herself up so much as a child. Same as Makayla. Bitches with potential that aren’t even fully formed before doing weird, unnecessary mods on themselves.

Poor Mckayla Maroney, she’s trashed herself up so much that she’s being compared to a former Dr. Phil Jr. High hoodrat.


Was she one of the ones abused by that doctor

I mean if he wasn’t allowed to medically finger them at all, probably.

If he was and took off his glove to get off. Then maybe.

If he left his glove on, only he and maybe the lawyers know…

glove on, so he could smell it the whole week, that sick pervert.


so there is a link i cant link here because rules

but if you go to x videos* and search for bhad bhabie porn audition something might come up

*all one word dot com

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that’s not her, but Search " Danielle Brigolli Bhad Barbie First Porn Casting" on xvideos . It’s funny and sounds like most of us. not porn but funny.

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Waste of a search

To be fair, you can find a bad picture of anyone. I’ve seen legitimately very hot chicks even without makeup have pictures that made them look really bad.

So she became a stripper

The trailer park girl said cash me outside

Cash me outside

Cash me outside

Yeah thats the skit, thats what i meant

Not sure if it made me like her more or less

She sounds really ratchet and you can tell its an act

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She’s a teenage white girl with huge natural tits, looks like a pornstar and loves BBC

Wife material


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And shes rich. Where do I sign up? Might be the perfect woman.