castillo/lazcano picks

castillo by decision, it won't be pretty but he'll get the job done

hopkins by KO and im picking the upset here, sturm over dlh

lazcano,he stopped jonson that was very impressive



i've never seen sturm before but im picking him based on a these things:

1. he is naturally the bigger man meaning he will be stronger, DLH was gassed near the end of a couple fights at 154 lbs. the extra 6 lbs of muscle or whatever certainly won't help that.

2. I've heard many people say that DLH is arrogant going into this fight. Arrogance is not a good thing. Very few people have ever seen Sturm fight, how can you underestimate an unknown guy?

3. I think Oscar is looking past Sturm towards the 20+ million payday in September. I think he will underestimate sturm which is something you can't do with any opponent. (i've never seen sturm fight before)

4. Sturm has everything to gain in this fight, he is expected to lose. DLH has everything to lose, 20+ million payday, a historical 6th weight class title. No one knows who Sturm is, hell I had no idea who he was before this fight.

5. No one knows how his chin is and no one knows how DLH will hold up against a natural middleweight.

Oscar De La Hoya

Advantages - Experience, heart

Disadvantages - Unknown Power and Chin at 160, can he bring both of those up with him? saturday will tell the truth. DLH is seemingly looking past Sturm

Felix Sturm

Advantages - Nothing to lose, unknown to 95% of boxing world, underestimated, Natural 160 lbs, DLH is seemingly looking past him. Heart.

Disadvantages - DLH has more championship rounds than Sturm does rounds which translates to lack of Experience. Unknown Chin, Questionable power.

whos got a gold medal whos fought and beat world champions in multiple weight classes???

please , oscar will school this kid

castillo will beat lazcano.

dlh will beat sturm. wont be impressive though

and hopkins will beat allen.. also will not be pretty.

I think this will be a great and very close fight. Laz will be very busy and castillo will be banging hard. Can't wait, I'll go Laz by decision only cuz of a higher wark rate but wouldn't be surprised to see a Castillo KO.

I like DLHO to go the distance but win a wide decision.

I think BH will run all over Allen.

damn, i was so close to being right on the sturm call. i had sturm winning 8 rounds to 4