Casting Denzel Washington Movie

Film Production

Casting: Tru Blu starring Denzel Washington

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Synopsis: The story of Harlem-raised southerner Frank Lucas, who built a heroin dynasty in the early 1970's by smuggling the drug into the United States in caskets of soldiers killed in Vietnam. Once cornered by detective Richie Roberts, however, Lucas turned informant and helped Roberts systematically bring down the people who benefitted from his empire.

Location: Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness
132-140 Hawthorn Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Date: Thursday, July 15, 2004

Time: 6:30pm
You are advised to arrive early due to parking limitations

Breakdowns: Martial arts talent, all types of weapons acceptable, gymnastic stunts.

All angles of Kicks
High, Medium or Low

Jump Kicks
Spinning Kicks
Side Kicks
Axe Kicks
Hook Kicks


Frontward Roll
Backward Roll
Side to side roll

Punching Skills

American Boxing
Chinese Boxing
Muay Thai

All Weapons are Welcome

Filipino Escrima
Japanese Bo
Samurai Katana Sword
Knife Fighting Arts