Castlevania Simon's!

OK, now I am frustrated. After getting Dracula's rib I'm suposed to get garlic and place it near the water/lake and some boatman is supposed to show up or something?
Arghhhh... I downlaoded a walkthrough and it doesn't help much.

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Good for you dude playing this game! It's near an dear to my heart, and a game I know a lot about.

After you get the rib you head to the right of the mansion where you got the rib. Keep going and eventually you'll get to a town where you can buy garlic. Buy the garlic. You can also find a guy to trade your white crystal for a blue one.

Keep going right and you'll come to a graveyard that ends in water. Drop some garlic on the edge and head back left and you'll talk to a guy who gives you the silver dagger.

Then head left and eventually you'll come to a big lake that you need to use your blue crystal on.

SPG, thanks for the reply!

I had the garlic and placed it at the edge of the water in the graveyard. How far left do I have to head? I remember going left quite a ways (back to the city/mansion) and didn't come across a guy with a silver dagger. Is he a guy I've seen before?


Make sure that you drop the garlic on the edge, without it going into the water. There should be a guy right pretty close (still in the graveyard) in a cloak.

Make sure you kill the hands in the ground on your way over maybe?

Let me know if you get it.

SPG, another thing...
When I place the garlic on the ground, is it supposed to make some king of sound, acknowledging I did it correctly? Just wondering.

No, it doesn't do anything special.

Once you drop it,you just have to wait alittle bit.
Do you have that password that gets you all of the items?

SPG, when I did it before, there was no guy in the graveyard. I will go back and place it as close to the edge as I can (I didn't think I placed it that far away, but anyways...).

CrazyFoo - No I don't have any special passwords, I'd rather finish the game on my own as best as I can without any special codes.... unless I have no other choice.
I'll let ya know what happens!

Well, I just dropped the garlic right at the edge and nothing has happened. I've walked to the left and no man has appeared in the graveyard.

Make sure you kill the hands on your way to the water and try placing the garlic at a few different places... I don't know what else to tell you, it's always worked for me.

You are in the right place? Just to the right of the town where you trade for the blue crystal?

What system is this on?


What a horrible night to have a curse.

OK I did it, but I placed the garlic no where near the water, I put in the middle of the graveyard and he appeared.

That is weird, I always remember putting it next to the water... Maybe I was just far enough away or something. Anyways, let me know if you have any more questions

you know you can use the rib as a shield right?

Yahooo.... finished the game! Overall, it was OK. I didn't think it was too user-friendly in that so many times you didn't know what to do. Oh well.

I killed Dracula on the first try and was surprised that he didn't morph into another beast like he always has in other Castlevanias.

Let's see, I think Metroid NES is next in my Nostalgia Gaming Extravaganza....

The Simon's Quest Dracula is by far the easiest Dracula on any Castlevania game.

I beat him when I was eight years old.