Cat Narrowly Escapes Coyote Attack in Surfside Beach (Epic Battle!)

That cat has some Ninja skills…


This is just one reason why my cat is not an outdoor cat.


Your cat could probably throw down if necessary…

Coyotes eat cats


Not this one my friend.

Cat-style martial arts works!

A neighbor of my brothers lost their small dog to coyotes just letting it out at night for a quick piss.

Le Shat

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Why didn’t the cat simply escape through the lattice? Then how slow it took to get over the railing.

Coyote must have been hungry to come up on the porch.

I think because it is declawed. It has its back claws but not its front ones so it has trouble climbing. When it finally gets up the pole it seems like it has to hug with the front paws. It’s fuckin cruel to throw a declawed cat outside.


Fog of war: kill or be killed!

Good job kitty

Looked pretty fat

There’s a lady that feeds feral cats that lives about 1/8 mile from our place. She feeds about 75 adult cats plus their kittens. Cats come to our place to hunt in our woods. Every night it’s a coyote buffet, sounds like WW3. Cats put up a hell of a fight, but the outcome is always the same - shredded cat.

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Coyotes are fascinating. They are in every state here in America

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And you should not declaw a cat if you plan to let it outside.

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My mom’s and sisters Chihuahuas we’re both nabbed by coyotes within the last few years. They can be so quick and silent. Kitty did great!