Catch effectiveness reel or real

look at all the other catch posts aswell like the tony c question one.reel as in t.v. or real as in its not a myth and really works.


Based on my studies on Catch wrestling so far, it seems that Matt Furey's CACC is reel while Tony Cecchine's CACC is real.

I could be wrong though about Furey, its just the impression I'm under at this moment from his articles, reports, books & instructionals.

Portuguese2002, as one who has trained with Matt Furey, you are, indeed, wrong.

EVERYTHING (and I mean it)I have been shown in Catch Wrestling from him has worked - EVERYTHING. I cannot comment on tony Cecchine b/c I haven't studied his materials. But I can plainlysay that Fureys CACC is VERY VERY R-E-A-L.

Worked under what circumstances?

This question is difficult and largely pointless. Furey's techniques are effective for those who make them so through hard training. Same for Cecchine's techniques.

The exposure I've had with CACC techniques is interesting and the techniques I have used from CACC have been effective AFTER training them.

It's not some magic formula but the additions I've made to mu Ju Jutsu from CACC have added an extra dimension that's for sure.