catch guys high percentage moves

All you catch wrestling guys what is your highest percentage finishing holds ,meaning the one you catch people with all the time and are actually able to tap people with in a real match.Ive tried some catch material and it seems pretty low percentage.

and do they do kneebars in catch wrestling

any time you ever see a neck crank in competition, it's origins are from Catch as Catch Can.

The "Catch" style Top Wrist Lock is about 3,578% more effective than the standard jiujitsu way.

I noticed you can chain from the kneebar so I wanted to know if tony teaches kneebars.

Actually I heard it was 3,579% more acuarate, but whos counting.

You must remember, that Catch is not a set style, it is just what they called submission wrestling in the old days. Questions like: Does Catch have kneebars? Well, it depends on the wrestler. Catch is not necessarily a specific style.

Catch as catch can refers to the starting position, as opposed to sideholds or collar and elbow.

I get guys with the front chancery from many different angles and situations. Also, I use the top-wristlock as a set-up to a shoulder-lock which is effective (virtually)everytime.

I have only tried a few things from catch. What has worked almost every time is I go for the half nelson from side mount, from there, as they fight it, I go right in to a keylock/topwrist. Works well

I found a really high percentage leglock this week and Ive seen it used in mma/grappling comps as well by frank,funaki,rumina,sakuraba,oleg,ken,it's after any takedown ,or when your opponnent trys to shrimps to guard,also after triangle and armbar escapes.This is just an exellent move that chains!just ask and I'll post it!


ok how?

As a beginner, I've had tremendous success with the double wrist lock from the side mount.
I also have about 90% success with a toe hold after I bust out of my opponents guard.
A half nelson chained into a neck crank is very good too.

Hope this helps,

Grappling Joe

Toe-holds/ankles for me. Quasimodo