Catch gyms in England?

Do any of you know of any catch, or catch influenced, gyms in England? I've heard of the Aspinul/Snakepit up near Wigan, but i'm not sure if that's still going. It also happens to be at the other end of the country from me.

So more specifically, are there any catch clubs in, or near to London at all?

I trained at a club in Strood in Kent which was influenced by submission wrestling..It was a high standard with some good wrestlers including a couple of Iranian champions..i havent trained there for about a year myself as i moved to Norwich and am struggling to find a club myself..

Well that is a coincidence as take a guess where I am by my moniker.
Firstly to the point of the post there is atherton fighting fit the insructor of which trained at the snake pit back in the day.
Aspull is still going strong as far as i know.
There are a few figures here and there who have catch wrestling training and they are teaching in a varity of disciplines.
Some teach judo or there own jiu-jitsu systems and others are involved in pro-wrestling. Theres a few around the westmidlands who learnt there trade at the blackpool wrestling booth but it involves a lot of googling and follow up any leads you can.
im trying to track down an old catch wrestler who lives in norwich and was last seen in the window of the cat and fiddle pub having a beer by a friend of mine but where he is now god knows.
Im not sure about london I'd try pursing some leads on the forums ther are a few catch historians on there.
To ghosty where in norwich are you Im looking to get a sub-wrestling training group going on a sunday.
take care,

Hey guys why don't you shoot roy wood an e-mail ,he might just know a club near you.I'm positive there are still some old timers running around in england ,but who they are I don't know.If I here of something I'll post it for you.

Hi Dan, I live in Taverham and would be more than interested in coming along to your group, just let me know when and where...

Hooker leigh remedios.

Thanks for the answers so far guys...

First of all, i'm not big on Kentish geography, where abouts is Strood and does the club still run? Secondly, i can't seem to find that 1stopwrestling forum someone mentioned, any links?

yes, the club still runs check out their website-

youve sent me an e-mail unfortunatly i cannot access it as im cheap and literally have no money at the moment. Is it in regard to training?
If so let me know and we'll discuss when we can meet up.

theres a geezer at bolton wc who trained in catch..

Hi Dan, yes i sent you an email about training- email me on--------